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Sale of a car

  • 1. You will save a lot of time and energy
    You will not be bothered by early morning or midnight calls, trips to car service shops, queues at registration office, warranty issues, payment details and other customer inquiries.
  • 2. Added value to your car buyer
    Free and comprehensive autoDNA report to the buyer of your car.
  • 3. 2 year car warranty upon request
  • 4. We take care of sales formalities
    We’ll arrange all documents and certificates related to the sale of the car on our own cost. Remuneration in the most convenient way for you.

Car exchange / replacement

  • 1. Change your car to any other on a BRC parking lot
    The cars sold at the BRC Autocenter are replenished daily. Choose the one you are interested in and indicate your choice when filling out the request.
  • 2. Will the funds received after selling own car be enough to buy a new one?
    We will give our best price offer and the difference, if it occurs, can be paid in a convenient way for you as well all leasing options.
  • 3. Which vehicles can be changed?
    We accept all types of used vehicles except those that have lost their commercial value and cannot participate in public traffic (crashed with unrecovered market value).
  • 4. We take care of the exchange formalities
    We will arrange all documents and certificates related to the car exchange (purchase / sale) on our own cost.