Purchasing a car in installments


If you are planning to buy a car and consider a leasing option as an acceptable option, then we will find the best solution for you, regardless of whether it plans to purchase a car private person or company.

We cooperate with all leading leasing companies and offer financing without banking, so we can offer you different financing options. You only need to choose the type of leasing (financial leasing, operative leasing or a full-service rent) terms (maximum leasing term up to 84 months) and conditions - we will do the rest!

  • Finance Lease

    Finance Lease. Is suitable in case you want to use the car for a long time and at the end of the leasing period get it into your property.

    Important! Car financing term depends on the age of the car, if your chosen car is already 11 years old, then the proposed period is 4 years (for example, if bank maximum age of the vehicle at the end of the leasing term is up to 15 years). Down payment and interest rate each customer individually.

  • Operating Lease
    If you want to rent a car for a certain period, rather than buy it, then Operational Lease is right for you. The client who has chosen this type of financing doesn`t need to repurchase the vehicle in full, after the end of the leasing period, the car buyer, the “BRC” Autocentrs, guarantees to the Leasing Company that it will pay the full cost of the vehicle. Buying a vehicle with operational leasing, the client needs to assess all the same factors (car age, leasing period, first payment and price), which should be taken into account when leasing is financial. It is an opportunity to buy a more expensive car and to pay the same monthly payment as a normal leasing. The conditions for the repayment of a car are established before the conclusion of the leasing contract.